Friday, October 25, 2013

Hitchens on "The Immorality of the Offer of Vicarious Redemption"

In the Christianity Today Panel Debate Christopher Hitchens said the following:

“I couldn’t be brought to believe that there’s such a thing as vicarious redemption, which I think is an immoral doctrine. I could pay your debt, Douglas [Wilson], I’d happily do it. Some people would even be willing to serve other people’s terms in prison. But I can’t say “I’ll take your sins on me”. I can’t say “You can throw your responsibilities on me”.

Concerning the atonement, J.I. Packer wrote:

 “Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo?, which largely determined the mediaeval development, saw Christ’s satisfactio for our sins as the offering of compensation or damages for dishonour done, but the Reformers saw it as the undergoing of vicarious punishment (poena) to meet the claims on us of God’s holy law and wrath (i.e. his punitive justice).”

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