Thursday, October 10, 2013

War on Women

Here’s a comment I recently read online:

“let me assure you, at some point your contraception WILL FAIL. So the choice is to not have sex at all, which I cannot imagine anyone would recommend as a viable option or even an ideal for which to strive, or to deal with unplanned pregnancy.”

Consider the following four statements:
1. Women ought to have the right to not have children, for example, to continue their career or education.
2. Two consenting adults can never be counselled to refrain from sexual behaviour.
3. Contraception often fails.
4. Therefore, abortion should be made available.

I suspect that some of the rhetoric from the pro-choice side stems from the intuition that the pro-life position involves the rejection of either 1. or 2. And, of course, no rational person could ever seriously even think about denying 2, right? Thus, the REAL motivation for the primitive woman-hating pro-lifers must be their denial of 1.

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