Monday, November 25, 2013

The Tolerance Buzzsaw II

"The Matthew Shepard case is a landmark case that paved a lot of ground for hate crime legislation. With what is going on in the world, homophobia at the Sochi Olympics, Kill-the-Gays Bill in Uganda, it is extremely inappropriate to publish such material regardless of whether or not it is true, especially if you yourself identify as a "gay man." In this case, assuming that what this author claims is true, the "lie" is much much more beneficial to society than the "truth." "

Uria Salvatore

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Tolerance Buzzsaw

"Gay marriage, like all civil rights, isn’t really something you can have an opinion on. The only opinion you can morally, legitimately have, is whether or not you want to have a gay marriage. Your opinion on whether gay people should be allowed to get married isn’t so much an opinion on a two-sided question, as it is a determining factor in whether you are a bigoted person."

Jeremy Deeks

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Remembrance Day 2013

O valiant hearts who to your glory came
Through dust of conflict and through battle flame;
Tranquil you lie, your knightly virtue proved,
Your memory hallowed in the land you loved.

Splendid you passed, the great surrender made;
Into the light that nevermore shall fade;
Deep your contentment in that blest abode,
Who wait the last clear trumpet call of God.

Long years ago, as earth lay dark and still,
Rose a loud cry upon a lonely hill,
While in the frailty of our human clay,
Christ, our Redeemer, passed the self same way.

Still stands His Cross from that dread hour to this,
Like some bright star above the dark abyss;
Still, through the veil, the Victors pitying eyes
Look down to bless our lesser Calvaries.

O Risen Lord, O Shepherd of our dead,
Whose cross has bought them and Whose staff has led,
In glorious hope their proud and sorrowing land
Commits her children to Thy gracious hand.